EM360 Rechargeable Battery

Shipping Carriers: FedEx and Air Group

Payment Options: Online ordering or purchase orders with credit card or ACH. For purchase orders, please email customercare@emist.com

Shipping: EXW (the buyer arranges full shipment, from the supplier’s warehouse to the cargo’s ultimate destination)  

Price: $259.22 (All prices are in USD)

Return Policy: Click here

The rechargeable battery will stop working once it reaches 20% capacity (or one indicator bar). The system can accommodate two batteries for a longer run time but only requires one to operate.

Features and Specs


Item #: FG.1809
SKU: EM36-BPBT-1809
UPC Code: N/A
Warranty: 90 DAYS
QTY: 1
Price: $259.22


System: EM360 Backpack, EM360 Rollercart
Category: Parts, Battery

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