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“With the EMist system, we can disinfect a room in about two minutes and the entire campus within two hours.” -Andrea Vela, SAISD custodial supervisor

There are more than 10 million germs on an average desk, harboring 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat. Influenza (flu), rhinovirus (common cold), and norovirus (vomiting/diarrhea, stomach flu) are commonly found in schools, easily transmitted, and lead to significant loss of school funding.

The average student in the U.S. misses 4.5 days per school year, resulting in 164 million lost school days per year. Assuming a 180-day school year, the average student generates an average $65.34 in funding for a school district per day. The total loss of funding associated with student absenteeism each year is $10.7 billion dollars in the US.

Obviously, with so many people in a confined space five days a week, it’s easy to understand how illnesses spread so quickly. In order to keep these outbreaks at bay, schools across the country such as Garland, El Paso, San Angelo and Azle have turned to the EMist Electrostatic Disinfectant System to maintain germ-free schools. This revolutionary system is no-touch, mobile, cordless, and enables custodians to easily apply disinfectant on a daily basis.

All those in favor of spreading knowledge not germs, raise your hand.

How does the EMist Electrostatic Application System create healthier environments?

Electrostatics is science and a proven process that has been used in the agricultural and automotive industries for decades.

Most surface areas are neutral (uncharged) or negative. The patented EM360 applies disinfectant to a target surface area using an electrostatic force of attraction called Coulomb’s Law. Using Coulomb’s law, the EM360 technology places a positive charge on the disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle. Because most surface areas are neutral or negative, the EM360’s positively charged system optimizes surface adhesion and attraction (electromagnetic theory). The dispersed droplets spread out more evenly and seek out negative (-) or neutrally charged surfaces (neutral surfaces have the same number of protons as electrons – a neutral object can be polarized by a charged object and create attraction). The disinfectant is more targeted, provides more consistent coverage with less waste, and like two magnets, attracted to the oppositely charged surface with remarkable force.

electrostatic disinfectant process

With the EMist system, we can disinfect a room in about two minutes and the entire campus within two hours.

Andrea Vela

Custodial Supervisor, San Angelo ISD

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